Hadron therapy uses particle beams to treat tumours located near critical organs and tumours that respond poorly to conventional radiation therapy.  It has become evident that there is an emerging need for reinforcing research in hadron therapy and it is essential to train professionals in this rapidly developing field.

The ultimate goal of hadron therapy is to deliver more effective treatment to the cancer patient.

PARTNER is a 4-year Marie Curie Training project funded by the European Commission with 5.6 million Euros which is aimed at the creation of the next generation of experts. Ten Academic Institutes and Research Centres and two leading companies are participating in PARTNER, forming a unique multidisciplinary and multinational European network.

The project offers research and training opportunities to 25 young biologists, engineers, physicians and physicists and is allowing  them to actively develop modern techniques for treating cancer in close collaboration  with leading  European Institutions. For this purpose PARTNER relies on cutting edge research and technology development, effective networking, and open access to national facilities as well as providing training by specialists in this field.